Does latest Colts controversy put a W in LA Rams schedule?

Los Angeles Rams Jonathan Taylor
Los Angeles Rams Jonathan Taylor / Andy Lyons/GettyImages

The LA Rams may not be the powerhouse that fans are accustomed to this season. But that does not mean that the Rams are inept. And with a little luck, a lot of healthy players, this LA Rams team could surprise some teams this season. In fact, if the Rams can manufacture some modest early season success, the latter part of their schedule is ideally suited for making a playoff push.

The challenge is manufacturing some early success. But that may have just gotten a bit easier.

In Week 4, the LA Rams must travel to face the Indianapolis Colts. With the Rams struggles at stopping the run in preseason, facing Colts star running back Jonathan Taylor is never a good thing. But right now, Taylor wants to be traded, and the Indianapolis Colts have consented to allow him the opportunity to seek a trade.

Will the Colts and running back Jonathan Taylor negotiate a trade on or before October 1, 2023? Perhaps. Perhaps not. But if there are any nibbles whatsoever, the Colts will likely keep Taylor out of games while negotiations take place.

Does that guarantee a Rams victory if Taylor does not suit up for the Colts? Of course not. But we made our far-too-soon predictions and predicted a win at Indianapolis, the Rams' first for 2023. But a Colts team without Jonathan Taylor would be an easier draw for the Rams early in the season.

With rookie quarterback Anthony Richardson taking over for the Colts this season, their offense will certainly be quite challenged if Taylor is not suited up and running the football. And that could bode well for a Rams team that will be desperate for early season victories.

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It certainly won't help the Colt morale to compete while knowing that their features running back no longer wants to play for the team. And that is what will likely prove to be a vital wildcard for the LA Rams success this season. If the Rams schedule lines up to face teams that have a temporary setback due to unexpected injuries or player controversies, the Rams could sneak a few more wins that expected.

We know that the Rams had to endure nearly unlimited adversity last season. I really would not mind one bit if some of the Rams opponents have to deal with their own adversity this season.