Does Rams Wagner release mean these 5 unthinkable moves happen?

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Unthinkable move IV: Trade Joe Noteboom

The LA Rams know that Joe Noteboom struggled in 2022 as their starting offensive left tackle. But much like Brian Allen, the pattern of missing starts is well-established for Noteboom. Unfortunately, in both 2019 and 2022, he became a starting offensive lineman for the LA Rams, but could only give them six starts in each season. That's not the type of track record an NFL team should ignore when promoting a guy to the most important position on the offensive line.

Per, a trade of offensive lineman Joe Noteboom can save the LA Rams $7.5 million. I hate to say it, but I think it may make some sense to do it, particularly if the Rams can recoup a third round pick in doing so. The LA Rams seem to insist on playing offensive linemen in positions where they struggle, and Noteboom struggled in 2022 at left tackle.

Perhaps a change of scenario benefits everyone?

Noteboom appears better suited to fill the role of swing tackle in the NFL. Much like an NBA's sixth man off the bench, there is no shame in being that first offensive lineman off the bench in case of injuries to teammates. And Noteboom has handled that type of short-notice promotion to compete in games rather handily. Did he have a tough assignment in his first game in 2022? Of course, blocking veteran OLB Von Miller, a guy who knows all your strengths and weaknesses and is motivated to show up for his new team is never an easy draw.

Getting paid to start at left tackle means delivering against the NFL's best, a standard that I don't know that Noteboom delivered at in 2022, and I'm uncertain he can deliver at in 2023 coming off an injury. Out of the two options - demotion to swing tackle or trade him - I believe that the lesser of the two scenarios is to trade him to another team for a fresh start. I think Joe Noteboom has plenty left in his tank to compete in the NFL. But I'm not certain that the best place to continue his NFL career is with the LA Rams