Does Rams Wagner release mean these 5 unthinkable moves happen?

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Unthinkable move III: Cut Jordan Fuller

If the LA Rams are looking for salary cap space, and are willing to get it at the expense of the team's best defender, Bobby Wagner. Then they would most certainly have discussions about the release of safety Jordan Fuller. While I love Jordan Fuller and see him as a true NFL starting safety in the 2023 NFL season, even I cannot deny the fact that, like other players on this list, he has durability concerns.

Per, releasing Jordan Fuller before June 1 will save the LA Rams over $2.7 million. Is it an easy decision? No. But Fuller, like Allen, has struggled to stay on the football field. In the past three NFL seasons, out of 50 games, Fuller has missed 19 games, or 38 percent. That's an alarmingly high percentage, and certainly not the range for a projected starter. The reason is that so much quality practices are invested in the projected starters that are lost if that player cannot suit up.

Availability is the greatest NFL trait

Much like the offensive line unit, an NFL secondary is more about cohesive and communicative play that binds everyone into one common goal, which is quite unlike more individually ranked positions of the Rams roster like running back, outside linebacker, or quarterback. Pass defense is a complex business in the NFL, which depends not only on the strength of the defensive backs, but how much pressure the defensive front is getting on opposing quarterbacks.

But for a young defensive back who has started 29 of the 31 games he has competed in, his durability has got to be a priority. In the grand scheme of things, no matter how elite a player is, he offers nothing to the team if he cannot take the football field. And whatever is believed about Jordan Fuller, he is most certainly not elite.

Can the Rams absorb the loss of Fuller at a position where the defense is already quite shallow? That depends on how many games you believe Fuller will suit up for in 2023. At a 38 percent no show rate in his career so far, that translates into seven missed games. I believe that the LA Rams have re-emphasized durability and availability of their existing players, and having done so, Jordan Fuller may find himself on the bubble once more.