Does Rams Wagner release mean these 5 unthinkable moves happen?

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Unthinkable move II: Trade Allen Robinson

The LA Rams found themselves to be scrambling in 2022, particularly after long celebrations bumped up against the need to restock the team's roster. When the Rams learned of Von Miller's decision to accept the offer from the Buffalo Bills, the Rams pivoted to two surprising signings: veteran WR Allen Robinson and veteran ILB Bobby Wagner.

Wagner has been released. Doesn't it simply make what little sense remains to undo the Allen Robinson signing? After all, of those two Rams roster additions, Bobby Wagner was clearly the more impactful and effective of the two. And as we have been pointing out, the Rams roster had an overwhelming number of players who simply could not suit up and play all 17 games in 2022. Are the LA Rams emphasizing availability in 2022?

Are the Rams front office and coaching staff out of alignment?

If that is among the team's priorities this season, then there is certainly a case to be made for parting ways with veteran WR Allen Robinson. I personally believe that like many players on the team, Robinson was grossly misused last year. He was seldom targeted, and when he was the throws required a circus catch to ensure the completion. Robinson's 63.5 percent completion rate for 2022 is significantly higher than the 58.6 percent rate of his NFL career. So what was the problem?

Robinson's 5.2 targets per game are grossly below his career average of 8.2 targets per game and highlight the enigma of the million-dollar question. What exactly did the LA Rams front office see in signing him to a three-year $46.5 million contract? It's a pattern of overestimation by the team's front office, similar to drafting niche WR Tutu Atwell in the second round, that has flipped the Rams roster upside down. Overpaying seldom-used players and undervaluing significant contributors, has forced the Rams into a corner.

There are only two remedies: Either the Rams must significantly increase the workload of those players who the front office believed to become worthy of the investment, or the Rams must remedy their investment, which in the case of WR Allen Robinson means renegotiating his contract or, if that fails, trading him and getting him off their books. I truly believe that if the Rams make an effort to be more inclusive of Allen Robinson in the offense, he could deliver 1000+ receiving yards. But if the Rams are unable to make that effort, then trading Robinson to a team that can do so makes the most sense.