Does Rams Wagner release mean these 5 unthinkable moves happen?

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Unthinkable move I: Trade Jalen Ramsey

The statement that Bobby Wagner wants to win after his release from the Rams roster was a bit unsettling, as it suggested that somewhere in the conversations between the player and football team, Bobby Wagner learned of the Rams' plans for 2023, and he hasn't faith in the fact that the team could turn things around quickly.

The optics for the Rams' defense were unsettling to Rams fans. Even former Rams great QB, Jim Everett, believes that the Rams have misused Jalen Ramsey in 2022. That type of misuse is a characteristic that has seldom been made of the Rams in the past, but has shown up more and more frequently. The problem is, much like the underuse of WR Allen Robinson, the Rams have two options. Either the Rams can play Jalen Ramsey to his strengths once more, or this team must opt to trade the guy to a team that will optimize his talents.

And that is a future that even Jalen Ramsey cannot predict:

So where do we stand? Well, the phone lines are open and operators are standing by. The consensus continues to grow that the Rams will trade Ramsey, and more and more teams are becoming linked to him as they set their own 2023 rosters:

And what does Jalen Ramsey say on it all? Even as NFL fans and even players lobby hard to lure him to their team, the field remains wide open. The ideal landing spot for Ramsey appears to be a team whose NFL Championship window is wide open for the next two or three seasons. With so many team rising in NFL standings in 2022, few teams are out of those discussions at this point in time. Even the Detroit Lions could make a serious NFL Playoffs push by adding Ramsey this off-season:

So where does that leave the LA Rams? The urgency to Win Now may be receding into a Win Tomorrow mantra. Even as the wheels were falling off the LA Rams cart, the team tried to salvage the season with last minute trades, but found their offers coming up short.

No easy answers

Like the Lynard Skynard song "Gimme back my bullets," the LA Rams front office has run out of ammo and now must restock their armory:

"Life is so strange when its changin', yes indeed
Well I've seen the hard times and the pressure's been on me
But I keep on workin' like the workin' man do
And I've got my act together, gonna walk all over you."

It's a strange off-season for the LA Rams and the entire fanbase. A team that has been pedal to the metal for so long may be easing off the throttle and taking a longer future-looking view of the future of the team. Is that worthwhile? I think it's a necesary evil. The Rams have run the course of their roster so far. For the next chapter, the team will need to make a pit stop, refuel change the tires, and then get back on the track.

I am not saying that the Rams cannot earn an NFL Playoff berth in 2023. I'm merely saying that it may be very wise for the Rams organization not to push all of their chips into an All or Nothing type of wager this season. It was not only what happened on the football field in 2022 that has set the stage for the 2023 off-season strategy.

I believe that the breaking point occurred when the LA Rams were turned away by the Carolina Panthers twice as the NFL Trade Deadline came and passed. Not only did the Rams fail to win more games than they lost last season, but the LA Rams front office suddenly found themselves quite powerless to do anything about it.

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That was a game changer for the Rams organization. And I, for one, and quite excited to see how it all plays out this offseason.