Don't fall in love with prospects before the LA Rams pick in 2023 NFL Draft

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Don't fall in love with a single player

While careers can end trying to guess the full extent of the LA Rams 2023 off-season strategy, I believe that their are logical assumptions that can be made before the 2023 NFL Draft even begins. After all, this is not a team that is trying to upgrade a specific position or two in the 2023 NFL Draft. Rather, this is a team that needs to fill up the roster. That means that the priority is likely to be loading up on more rather than fewer draft selections, and more rookies who hear their names called out by the LA Rams rather than fewer.

While we all find ourselves mesmerized and enamored with the potential of an individual rookie whose skillsets and collegiate production translate well into what we believe the Rams may need, that may not be how the Rams view that prospect. And that completely ignores the fact of how the board navigates its twists and turns on draft day.

Could Rams toss a curve ball on draft day? Perhaps . . .

The Rams have thee picks in the Top 80 selections, and then must wait patiently as 90 rookies come off the board before the Rams are able to use their final eight selections. The Rams pick early in Round 2, twice in early Round 3, and then the team does not have another selection until late in Round 5.

Could the Rams throw everyone a curve ball, and select a quarterback of the future with the 36th overall pick of the 2023 NFL Draft? Of course. While that would certainly give the team plenty of time to work with the young hurler through the 2023 NFL season, and likely through the 2024 NFL season, before he is called up to start, it would likely result in the Rams having less competence on the football field in the 2023 NFL season.