Don't fall in love with prospects before the LA Rams pick in 2023 NFL Draft

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Rams need affordable and talented reinforcements in 2023 NFL Draft

Because the Rams are not only focused upon adding players but also managing an overinflated payroll expense this year, the team is quite unlikely to trade up and risk the requirement of investing so much into that rookie at a time when the team is counting pennies. From the money aspect, the Rams are incentivized to trade back. Not only will that add chances to find a solid contributor, but it lowers the team's average cost per player of their draft class.

Does that mean that the LA Rams are unlikely to find starters in the 2023 NFL Draft class? On the contrary, the more drafted rookies the Rams emerge with this year, the more likely the team is to hit on finding future starters and contributors. The Rams have slowed down their mindset from winning now to getting better now. Not only does that alter their offseason urgency, but it changes some of the parameters completely.

By targeting 2024 as their next push-to-the-playoffs season, the Rams can select players in the 2023 NFL Draft who fit what the team is trying to create next season. That could translate into players who the team believes is more suited for an OJT learning curve regimen, an On-the-Job-Training where the rookie gets some playing time but continues to be coached to improve and optimize their sophomore season.

How does a two-year perspective change the Rams draft strategy?

That could allow the LA Rams draft class of 2023 to be larger than expected, but also be comprised of players selected in rounds that the team does not currently possess picks: From late Round 3 through late Round 5. In the end, the Rams are not going to come out and say that they are doing anything less than trying to win as many games in 2023 as possible.

The Rams are looking for affordable players. In many ways the team has over-extended itself financially, and must now weather that monetary mayhem in 2023 so that the team will be able to start anew next year. That comes not from a bad place, but simply from wanted to ensure the best in the NFL are paid top dollar.

But even as the Rams have guaranteed money in contracts, players do not guaranteed production or health. The Rams had one of the largest injured reserve salaries in the NFL in 2022. It was that pay for no production that forced the Rams to sign so many replacements, burn through their financial reserves, shrink their carryover into 2023 to under $1 million, and necessitated so many drastic roster moves.

The result is that the Rams all but guarantee at least eight rookies will make this roster, another 16 rookies will make the team's practice squad, and 45 rookies will have a chance to showcase their abilities with a chance at earning an NFL career. The Rams have a golden opportunity for rookies this year to start a promising NFL career.

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Who might that be? To avoid frustration or a broken heart, it may simply be wise not to fall in love with any prospects until they are named or signed by the LA Rams.