Don't look now, but UDFA IOL Grant Miller deserves a spot on the Rams roster

Grant Miller
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The LA Rams may not have been as successful at acquiring and developing young offensive linemen as hoped, but that does not mean that the entire offensive line roster is underachieving. In fact, it is quite the contrary, as the LA Rams may have one of the deeper offensive lines this season.

After all, adding and assembling a cohesive and competent offensive line is one of the most precarious and meticulous assignments of any NFL positional coaches' jobs, and it's doubly difficult for the LA Rams who must factor in veterans who are coming back from devastating injuries.

So no, it's no picnic out there. And with 14 offensive linemen competing for five starting roles and no more than four backup roles on the LA Rams 53-man roster, it's going to be incredibly heated competition.

Especially if a young undrafted rookie named Grant Miller outperforms even the veterans.

I missed one in Rams roster featured articles

No, I'm not anointing the young guy as the next former LA Rams version of Rodger Saffold. But in the massive influx of so many rookies to feature and address who are vying for a roster spot on this Rams roster, I missed the opportunity to feature Grant Miller in an article to introduce him to Rams fans. That's on me, and I admittedly slipped up.

And it's disappointing that happened, because as it just so happens, ex Baylor Bears offensive guard Grant Miller is one of the hottest rising stocks from rookies on the Rams roster right now. He is so surprising that even after two impressive preseason performances, he is only now entering discussions as an offensive lineman worth noting.

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With a Rams offensive line in need not only of contributors right now but also in need of strong competitors for the future, decisions impacting the Rams roster can be incredibly important. So here is an opportunity to recover from overlooking the guy who is competing with all his might to earn a Rams roster spot.