Don't look now, but UDFA IOL Grant Miller deserves a spot on the Rams roster

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What I like about this signing

To succeed in any project, you must use the right tool for the job. That means if you need to pound a nail into a board, you must use a hammer. If you need to make a hole, you must use a drill. The same can be said if you are looking to fill an offensive guard spot on your team's offensive line. You need to use an interior offensive lineman.

After years of being unpopular, the Rams have renewed interest in acquiring collegiate interior offensive linemen to compete for roster spots between their offensive tackles. And I, for one, am all for it. After all, a 6-foot-3 306-pound interior offensive lineman has had years of competing at offensive guard or center, and has gotten familiar and adept to the chaos of swiveling his head both left and right to pick up blizes, stunts,and the occasional defender who slips by the center or tackle with a move.

Those nuances can take weeks, ir not months, to master for an offensive tackle who is simply learning the position.

Aloha, Grant Miller

While Grant Miller may not have competed in the Reese Senior Bowl, he performed admirably at the 2023 Hula Bowl. So admirably, in fact, that his draft stock improved heading into the 2023 NFL Draft:

But this was a deep draft class, and getting high marks was awfully difficult to do late in the process. Still, the LA Rams did notice and took a flyer on the young man. While the initial reaction is that Grant Miller had little chance of making the initial 53-man Rams roster and less than a 50/50 shot of making the Rams practice squad, that may not prove to be the case at all.

Perhaps there is something to be said about drafting an offensive guard to play at an offensive guard postiion after all?