Don't overlook this under-the-radar hire to the Rams coaching staff

Los Angeles Rams Offseason Workout, Stetson Bennett, Brett Rypien, Matthew Stafford
Los Angeles Rams Offseason Workout, Stetson Bennett, Brett Rypien, Matthew Stafford / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages
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While the LA Rams played very well in 2023, there is plenty of vibrant dialogue going on right now among fans over the best course of action to improve the team for 2024. Did the Rams offensive line show enough in 2023 to warrant bringing everyone back for 2024? If not feasible, who and how does the team backfill the vacancies? Do the Rams need to restock defensive backs in a secondary that was better than expected, but not as proficient as some had hoped? Do the Rams need to invest in a veteran pass rusher, or sink their hopes that incredible rookie stars of 2023 will play even better this year?

But perhaps the elephant in the room is the status of the Rams quarterback room and the succession plan that surely must be installed this season. But even beyond the team's plan to buoy the next step of the quarterback position in terms of present-day backup, there is an uneasy feeling for the team's tight end position. With the Rams facing injuries with starting TE Tyler Higbee and backup TE Hunter Long, the hopes for 2024 are primarily invested in the hopes that rookie TE Davis Allen can handle a greater workload in 2024.

Two roles with one hire

The team certainly attacked many of the perceived vulnerabillites on the returning Rams roster by hiring excellent coaches to the staff, and the results were phenomenal. RB Coach Ron Gould helped to develop the team's first 1000 yard rusher (RB Kyren Williams) since RB Todd Gurley. OL Coach Ryan Wendall with the aid of consultant Mike Munchak certainly transformed the offensive line into one of the team's strengths in 2024.

Have the Rams done so again in 2024? Well, not only has the team hired Dave Ragone as their new quarterback coach (who I believe is an excellent hire), but the team is adding to the depth of their coaching staff by hiring Coach Jerry Schuplinski, who has a proven track record of developing both quarterbacks and coaches over the course of his 11 year NFL coaching career.

Schuplinski is anticipated to assume the role of senior offensive assistant for the team, and that could cover any number of tasks and positional groups for the team. But any coach with the history and reputation of Coach Schuplinski is not about carrying the clipboard, making a fresh pot of coffee in the morning, and making a burger run at lunchtime. The team has plans for him, plans that are best served by his accomplished career. So what might that specialty be?

Let's cover a couple of areas where the Rams could use a bit of coaching 'oomph,' for the upcoming NFL season.