Don't rule out LA Rams QB Stetson Bennett for a significant role in 2024

Los Angeles Rams v Denver Broncos, Stetson Bennett
Los Angeles Rams v Denver Broncos, Stetson Bennett / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages
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Rams went with Wentz

While the Rams offense felt as though it was upgraded by the arrival of Carson Wentz, the truth is that the depth at the Rams quarterback position had gotten no better in terms of pute depth. The Rams went with Wentz in the backup QB role, true. But the Rams did not add any other players to ensure that the team had three healthy quarterbacks on the roster, either on the 53-man or on the practice squad.

That strikes me as odd, particularly in light of the fact that starting QB Matthew Stafford had already been injured and unable to suit up in Week 9. So there must be more to the strategy of the Rams front office than simply tightening up the purse strings and going as lean as possible at a vital position for the team.

Something quite curious about the LA Rams QB strategy

The Rams strategy throughout the 2023 season so far only makes sense if the Rams continue to consider rookie QB Stetson Bennett a viable option for the future. After all, while the Rams have not shared details about why Bennett was moved to their Injured Reserve/Non Football Injury (IR/NFI) list, the team has done nothing to address the void created in the Rams roster in his absence.

The LA Rams are not naive. The Rams were very impressed with the work ethic and the work done by rookie Stetson Bennett throughout OTAs and training camp. It was not until preseason games began that Bennett showed signs of confusion and struggle. But every NFL rookie experiences episodes of struggle. The problem with Bennett's challenges is that they happened in televised preseason games for all to see.

After a rather humbling experience at that hands of the Denver Broncos in the LA Rams third preseason game, Bennett did not get 'back on the horse,' so to speak. That struggling performance for Bennett in his third and final preseason game is the last bit of experience that he has had at running the Rams offense.