Eagles beat reporter ESP delivers lots of fodder to incense Rams roster

Eagles writer ESP delivers plenty of bulletin board fodder for the LA Rams

LA Rams Sean McVay
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For LA Rams fans, you may not know who Eliot Shorr-Parks is, other than the fact that he is a beat reporter who has covered the sports scene in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for many years. But Philadelphia fans do not claim him like other sports media icons. In fact, in a Reddit topic that explored a team's "Most hated beat writer," Eliot Shorr-Parks' name came up instantly for Eagles fans.

But he has plugged along, controversial takes and all, continuing to toss dollops of information, useful or not, to Philadelphia fans for them to consume. The problem with that pattern is that his information is subjective, and it's consistently wrong.

Just look at a recent strengths and weaknesses chart that he shared on social media:

The Rams secondary is not a weakness, particularly in relative comparison to that of the Eagles secondary. And I don't know that one game with two injured offensive linemen necessarily qualifies the Rams offensive line as a weakness either.

That isn't the end of it. He is just getting started on this whimsical nonsense, as he continues. He then compares the Rams' positional groups to the Philadelphia Eagles. Now don't get me wrong, I realize that the Eagles are a very good team and that they will win multiple positional group comparisons between the two teams:

But they do not win every comparison. In fact, the comparisons should be rather close with the exception of one or two groups. And yet, as you look at the above positional group, the skew to 'elite' Eagles to below average Rams is off the charts.

Anyone who believes that the Philadelphia Eagles receivers are 'elite,' but grades the LA Rams receivers as 'average,' can be rolled out as a home. But the Eagles secondary has been burnt so far this season, while the LA Rams secondary stands among the NFL's Top-10. and yet he rates the Rams secondary as 'bad,' while giving the Eagles secondary 'average,' scores. The worst transgression is the ease in which he grades Eagles QB Jalen Hurts as 'elite,' but grades LA Rams QB Matthew Stafford as 'bad.'

I think that the LA Rams will be competitive in Week 5. Win or lose, I don't expect the final score to be lopsided. Though young, this Rams roster has shown that the players know how to win even as NFL analysts have no idea what to make of them.

But don't disregard a highly competitive team in a week leading up to their contest. We all know the old NFL adage 'On any given Sunday,' and the overconfidence of a beat writer is more about trying to rally courage to view the game in its entirety than in any recitation of facts.

In short, let them play and determine whether or not they truly outclass the Rams on the football field. I don't know how this one will play out, but I do believe one thing. The LA Rams are a far more dangerous team than Eliot Shorr-Parks has described the entire week leading up to this game.