Edge blockbuster and 4 other trades Rams can't refuse in 2023 NFL Draft

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Rams trade out of Round 3 to add picks in Round 4 and 5

The LA Rams would love to get additional picks in Rounds 4 and 5. And to do so, the Rams could dangle one of their two third-round picks. So which team would be willing to do so? Well, if the Green Bay Packers are content to trade away veteran QB Aaron Rodgers, they will likely have a surplus of future draft picks in their quiver. So the LA Rams could help them consolidate some picks in the 2023 NFL Draft to enable the Packers to upgrade those picks.

In return, the Rams will be happy to add some additional picks. I suspect that the Green Bay Packers would be very interested in upgrading what could be a surplus of picks in their arsenal after the Aaron Rodgers trade. So what does a Draft Day trade look like between these two teams?

In this trade, the Rams surrender a Round 3 pick to pick up additional picks in Round 4 and Round 5. the draft value of this exchange is overwhelmingly in the Packers favor if the trade stops there. So I added a 2024 Round 3 pick from the Packers to balance out the value. The belief is that the Packers will have a surplus of picks to parlay after trading Rodgers.

Of course, that does not give me liberties to lean any trade heavily in the LA Rams favor either. WIth the presumption that the Rams will struggle this season, we can just as easily add a 2024 LAR Round 4 pick to the Packers boot to even out the value between the two teams.