Even at 2.3 YPC, 3 reasons why LA Rams rushing attack was brutally effective

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III: LA Rams dominated the Time of Possession

There are two statistics that are easily ignored in the NFL, but either of which can have a devastatingly huge impact on the outcome of the game. The first is net turnovers. Teams that create turnovers tend to win games. Teams that give the football away - either by interception or fumble - tend to lose football games. In this one, the LA Rams did not create turnovers. But surprisingly the Rams offense did not give the football away, either.

The other statistic that wins games is even more basic: Time of Possession. It's basic in that as long as the LA Rams offense has the ball, they are the most likely team to score. Better yet, it gives the defensive time to relax, rest, and analyze what their opponent is trying to do when they have the football. And that is exactly where the Rams' hard work this offseason was on full display.

Rams controlled the football with a 2:1 advantage

By the time that the final whistle blew, the LA Rams has dominated the Seattle Seahawks in Time of Possession. It's easier to show that comparison in a data table below:

  • Time Of Possession
  • LA Rams - 39:23
  • Seattle Seahawks - 20:37

While the clock will continue to move on successful pass completions that remain inbounds, the best way to keep that thing moving is to pull up your bootstraps and just run the football. And that is exactly what the LA Rams did in this one. While it was not pretty, it was effective.

The Rams passing game was particularly effective because the Rams were willing to mix in the run. Out of 78 offensive plays, the Rams ran the football 40 times and passed the football 38 times. While that distribution was clearly possible due to the game circumstances, it continues to showcase how even a fizzling running attack can help the overall team to sizzle.

TOP was 2:1. Final score was 2:1. I don't think that is a mere coincidence.