Even at 2.3 YPC, 3 reasons why LA Rams rushing attack was brutally effective

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II: Defense remained fresh throughout the game

The LA Rams entered Week 1 with a young, inexperienced, and untested defense. With the exception of some veteran players scattered throughout the Rams roster, this team is built on youth. All-Pro defensive lineman Aaron Donald, veteran inside linebacker, and safety Jordan Fuller are the three main performers on the Rams defense with any meaningful experience and credibility.

And yet, after allowing 13 points and 185 yards in the first half, the Rams defense came out in the second half and absolutely shut down the Seattle Seahawks offense in the second half. The Seahawks offense gained just 12 yards and no points in the second half.

Rams D remained fresh

With the LA Rams offense running the football and taking so much time off the clock, the Rams defense truly had the chance to catch their breath and recharge between possessions. In the afternoon, the Rams offense assembled eight backbreaking drives that did not result in a punt. They were:

  1. Drive 1 - 16 plays. 75 yards. 9:13 used off the clock. Touchdown
  2. Drive 2 - 7 plays, 37 yards. 2:33 used off the clock. Blocked FG
  3. Drive 3 - 6 plays, 33 yards, 0:31 used off the clock. Missed FG. Halftime
  4. Drive 4 - 10 plays, 76 yards. 6:04 used off the clock. Touchdown
  5. Drive 5 - 9 plays, 60 yards. 5:14 used off the clock. Field Goal
  6. Drive 6 - 14 plays, 79 yards. 6:19 used off the clock. Touchdown
  7. Drive 7 - 9 plays, 40 yards. 4:12 used off the clock. Field Goal
  8. Drive 8 - 9 plays, 32 yards. 3:05 used off the clock. Field Goal.

The Rams offense was able to orchestrate three separate drives in the game that consumed 10+ plays and over 6:00+ minutes off the clock. Those long time-consuming drives with the Rams offense on the football field translated into the Rams defense not being on the football field.