Everything you need to know about new Rams DL coach Giff Smith

Los Angeles Chargers Giff Smith
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He believes that a defensive lineman faces a 'tough, physical game'

Perhaps one of the best ways to understand the new DL Coach is to hear him talk about himself, his defensive philosophy, and his coaching style. Thankfully, I was able to find a video clip of his first press meeting after he was announced as the interim Los Angeles Chargers Head Coach. It was not a happy time for Coach Smith or the Chargers, but he clearly handled the tough media session with poise.

You can catch the interview by clicking on THiS LINK HERE. The video lasts 10:47, but it gives plenty of solid evidence as to Coach Smith's mindset and style. In this press conference, Coach Giff Smith was introduced as the new interim head coach of the Los Angeles Chargers. He owned his share of not ensuring the success of former HC Brandon Staley,

Giff Smith highlighted the importance of leadership in times of adversity, and that was more than a self-reflection admission. Even from the get go at his first official action as interim head coach, he was sending a message to his players to unleash their inner passion, and consider the Chargers final three games as a mini-season. Even though the Chargers would lose their final games, the message was the right one.

At the 5:00 minute mark, Coach Smith was asked there would be any changes to the Chargers defense with his new role as interim head coach, and he hinted that there would be some subtle changes, but he would play the best guys onto the field, and place them in the best position to succeed.

What I truly appreciated was his straight talk when asked about the demands on defensive players. At the 9:07 mark, he truly weighs in on what he believes is paramount to success in the NFL:

"I believe in, from my playing days to all the coaches I've been involved with, It is (football) still a tough man's game. It is still a physical game, and you've got to have your brother's back when you go out there. So if that makes me old school, then I am definitely old school."

Coach Giff Smith

I like that realistic assessment. And it is one more clue that the Rams continue to emphasize toughness and physicality as a trademark to what this team wants to establish in 2024.