Everything you need to know about new Rams DL coach Giff Smith

Los Angeles Chargers Giff Smith
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He loves his players, and the feeling is mutual

One of the key characteristics that I was able to identify about Coach Giff Smith is the love and support that he feels and displays for his players, and how they reciprocate those feelings.

If you return to the previous slide and rewatch Coach Giff Smith's initial press conference, he cites the reason for his acceptance of the interim head coaching role. When asked: 'Personally, what does this opportunity mean to you?', Coach Smith gathered his thoughts, fought back a smile, and replied:

"You know, to be here for the guys, to be here for this organization, to be a part of the NFL, I just go put in this position to lead, and that's how I am going to advance moving forward."

Giff Smith

In that interview, he professed an earnest desire to do right by his players, which seemed a unique reply for a coach who was taking over for a team whose players failed to compete and live up to expectations. And he was not shy about admitting how he was relying upon his players and the entire team's coaching staff to help navigate the final three games of the 2023 NFL season.

Out of respect for Coach Giff Smith, and perhaps to placate the strong interest of players that he be considered as a permanent solution to the Chargers vacated head coaching position, the team did interview him for the job:

But what truly impressed me is the fact that nine players were willing to be interviewed and give their appreciation for Coach Giff Smith after he was tapped to be the interim head coach. That is a pretty significant number and attests to the fact that so many players truly appreciated their interactions with the guy.

No, I'm not saying that the guy is flawless. Nor am I trying to claim that he walks on water. I'm simply sharing a rather lengthy full day's work of investigating how the Rams new defensive line coach might fit and impact the team going forward.

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