Fans may be shocked to discover that LA Rams RBs top the NFL in this category

While fans scan the LA Rams roster for positive signs, they are shocked to learn that the Rams RBs top the NFL in this category

Arizona Cardinals v Los Angeles Rams, Kyren Williams
Arizona Cardinals v Los Angeles Rams, Kyren Williams / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

The LA Rams offense is not the power house at scoring this season that many fans hoped it might become. In fact, the Rams are scoring an average of just 19.5 points per game, which is no better than the 22nd-rank NFL offense this season. While that is better than the Rams 27th-ranked offensive output of 18.1 points per game in 2022, it's still nowhere close to what the Rams organization nor the Rams fans hoped for this year.

Surprisingly, the LA Rams passing offense is not struggling this season. The Rams have averaged 226.4 yards per game through the air, which lands them as the 14th-ranked passing offense this season. Unfortunately, the Rams have just nine passing touchdowns on the season, to nine interceptions. Yikes!

When it comes to running with the football, the Rams struggle a bit in that department. The Rams average just 102.6 yards per game, which is no better than 21st-best in the NFL at running the football. So what are the Rams so very good at?

Rams RBs can score, and the Rams don't make mistakes

Let's start with some pleasant news. The Rams 10 rushing touchdowns are good enough for the 10th-ranked scoring offense on the ground in 2023. That's a solid statistic for a Rams offense that has not always had the opportunities to gain yards on the ground. The Rams' 261 runs on the year are only good enough for the 20th number of runs. If we need to share the logic, NFL teams that run less frequently tend to score less frequently. That is not the case for the Rams offense this season.

But we have even better news.

The LA Rams running backs exhibit excellent handles on the football. All told, the LA Rams offense has fumbled and lost the football just twice this season. But no LA Rams running back has fumbled and lost the football so far in 2023 so far. That is an incredible feat for 261 carries so far this season.

The Rams did lose a fumble by WR Austin Trammell in Week 6, and by QB Brett Rypien in Week 9. But the Rams running backs have not lost a fumble all season. We have pointed out how turnovers can dictate the outcomes of games, and for the record, the LA Rams have a net turnover differential of (-2) this season. But the Rams rushers, thanks to the coaching of RB Coach Ron Gould, have learned how to keep a handle on the football.

That is one of the little ways that this team is building a sound foundation. And as such, it's definitely something that is worth talking about.