Fast 40+ Rams Roster roundup: Vincent Gray (#40)

NFL Combine Vincent Gray
NFL Combine Vincent Gray / Justin Casterline/GettyImages

A quick summary: Awarded Vincent Gray off waivers from New Orleans Saints

The LA Rams may have a lot of new faces to onboard this season, with a Rams draft class of 14 rookies, augmented by nearly twice that number of CFA (collegiate free agents). So the Rams organization has its hands quite full at trying to acclimate a small army to life in the NFL and playing for the LA Rams. But even as the team is working to make introductions to the new players, this team continues to scan the NFL Waiver Wire for opportunities to claim players who may be an optimal fit.

One such free agent addition is that of defensive back Vincent Gray, He was a 2022 undrafted rookie free agent who was signed by the New Orleans Saints last season and carried on their 16-man practice squad all year. While he is not a rookie per se, he is practically one as he is new to the Rams organization and has no NFL live game experience.

What I don't like about this addition

The truth is that Vincent Gray is a talented player who has yet to deliver to the level of his talent. He was a projected Day 3 prospect, but fell out of the 2022 NFL Draft. He signed with the New Orleans Saints, and despite performing relatively well in preseason games a year ago, he was released this season. Very talented players do not often follow that type of trek in the NFL at this stage of their career. Does he have what it takes to make it in the NFL? The Saints didn't think so.

What I like about this addition

Fit is a nebulous term, but one that so often applies to young players, their coaching staff, their teammates, and the offensive and defensive scheme that it's impossible not to discuss. What doesn't work elsewhere could very well work for the LA Rams secondary, particularly on a Rams roster that is desperate to identify those players who can step up and step into a leadership role for this team.

Vincent Gray may not be a Day 1 starter. But he could be coached up into a contributor through the course of this summer's training camp. There are plenty of young faces competing right now for a shot at playing time, 18 defensive backs are competing for no more than 10 roster slots. Will Gray be one of the chosen? He has a shot, particularly as he has a year of NFL experience already.

What I love about this addition

There are not many defensive backs on this Rams who stand 6-foot-2 or higher. In fact, the LA Rams have veteran Robert Rochell (6-foot-2), rookie Cameron McCutcheon (6-foot-3) and Vincent Gray (6-foot-2) who are among that select group. While All-Pro defensive back Jalen Ramsey stood just 6-foot-1, he seemed to play at a much larger size for the Rams secondary.

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In his absence, the Rams will need to have those big-bodied defensive backs who can play with a bit more physicality. The Rams secondary enjoyed success in the past by pairing up Jalen Ramsey with Darious Williams. Now, the Rams' defense must find new DBs who can complement one another in the secondary

Projection: Likely makes the Rams 16 man practice squad.