Final Rams Mock Draft: Defense dominates in this outstanding Rams draft haul

2024 NFL Draft
2024 NFL Draft / Mark Cunningham/GettyImages
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After 13 selections in the 2024 NFL Draft, has the front office improved the team roster? The defense has certainly been enhanced, with two rookie prospected who can step in and win starting roles right out of the gate. On offense, the team may settle for players who can contribute in solid rotational roles. Just to sum up this mock draft, the following layers were selected:

  • Johnny Newton, DT Illinois - Round 1
  • Darius Robinson, EDGE Missouri - Round 2
  • Johnny Wilson, WR Florida State - Round 3
  • Audric Estime, RB Notre Dame - Round 4
  • Beaux Limmer, OC Arkansas - Round 4
  • Tykee Smith, S Georgia - Round 5
  • Tommy Eichenberg, LB Ohio State - Round 5
  • Brennan Jackson, EDGE Washington State - Round 6
  • Tip Reiman, TE Illinois - Round 6
  • Dominique Hampton, S Washington - Round 6
  • Jowon Briggs, DT Cincinnati - Round 6
  • Joshua Karty, K Stanford - Round 7
  • Buffalo Bills 2025 NFL Draft Round 3 pick

In many mock drafts, we have allowed the sparkle of a specific player to steer the draft towards that prospect. But in this mock draft, the approach has been to select fundamentally sound prospects who are passionate for football, who add something to the roster, and who have value at the point in the draft where they are selected.

No mock draft is accurate. From unexpected trades, to a team naming a player out of sequence or who has not been listed among the top prospects in this rookie class, the overwhelming number of variables is simply too great to control with any predictable accuracy. The utility of a mock draft is primarily to expose fans to the limits of options in each round, at each selection, and to emerge with a rookie class that addresses team needs as well as possible.

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