Final Rams Mock Draft: Defense dominates in this outstanding Rams draft haul

2024 NFL Draft
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The LA Rams want to get picks in Round 4 of this draft. Not only is the gap from the 99th overall pick to the 154th overall pick too long to ensure that the team has an opportunity to get good value, but the team appreciates the ability to trade back and in doing so reduce the programmed salary cap cost of earlier selected players.

After all, cash is king.

In this trade scenario proffered by the mock draft simulator, the LA Rams send the 83rd overall pick plus a 2025 NFL Draft Round 6 pick to the Buffalo Bills for two picks in Round 4 picks at 128th and 133rd overall, plus the Bills' 2025 NFL Draft Round 3 pick

Bills Rams trade

In this trade, the Rams get picks in Round 4, and pick up a Round 3 pick in the 2025 NFL Draft. The Buffalo Bills get an early Round 3 pick now, for the cost of two Round 4 picks, and trading back in 2024 from a Round 3 pick to a Round 6 pick.

While the value exchange may seem to be skewed in the Rams favor, that is often the case when a team wishes to trade up, and includes a future draft pick in the exchange. In this case, the Buffalo Bills want to trade up for a wide receiver, and to do so must pry the pick away by paying a premium price.

While surrendering a prime pick in Round 3 of this draft surrenders the opportunity to add a potential starter, the front office maintains a broad view of the entire draft and knows that value continues to rise even into Day 3. Fans may be initially disappointed at the inability to add an additional player in Round 3, but patience is a virtue. The Rams have something sweet cooking.