Final Rams Mock Draft: Defense dominates in this outstanding Rams draft haul

2024 NFL Draft
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With the 99th overall pick

The Los Angeles Rams select Johnny Wilson, wide receiver, out of Florida State. While some may view the selection of 6-foot-6 231-pound WR Johnny Wilson as a reach at the end of the third round, there is no other prospect at this point or later in the draft that combines skyscraper height with a catch radius that is so vast.

Even thought his 40-yard dash time of 4.52-seconds is not tortoise slow, it's not the burner type speed that seems to be so prevalent in this receiver draft class. So why would the Rams be willing to draft a guy who is raw and considered a bit slower than others?

For starters, he is a skyscraper at wide receiver, and his size reminds me of the WR/TE debate that we had over the use of former Rams Jacob Harris. But Johnny Wilson, as athletic as they come, has some upgrade features.

For starters, WR Johnny Wilson has established himself as an excellent blocker who uses his size to full advantage. He is as tall as an offensive tackle and very much looks the part when he locks horns with a defender. As far as attributes, you cannot coach a guy to grow to a height of 6-foot-6. But you can bet that this offense will figure out ways to optimize that height, particularly in red-zone packages.

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Wilson may resemble former Rams Jacob Harris in some ways. But Johnny Wilson arrives to the NFL with elite blocking skills, with a true ability to tack on significant yards after the catch, and he has a can-do mindset that serves him well with contested catches. He even has the ability to save the play by stretching for overthrown balls, or tapping his toes in bounds for throws that are across the sideline.

Wilson is an ideal addition at 99, not for what he can do for an NFL offense, but for what he can deliver in this offense. And he expands the playbook by at least one more chapter.