Final Rams Mock Draft: Defense dominates in this outstanding Rams draft haul

2024 NFL Draft
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With the 133rd overall pick

The Los Angeles Rams select Beaux Limmer, center, out of Arkansas. Despite the investment in upgrade the interior offensive line, the Rams suddenly find the depth at the center position a bit lacking. That is rectified with the selection of Limmer, a versatile offensive linemen who specializes playing center, but who can plug-and-play at any interior offensive line position.

Limmer stands 6-foot-5 and weighs 302 pounds. Because he plays center, has has honed the ability to view and diagnose protections schemes and defensive stunts instantly. Because he is so versatile and capable at multiple positions, Limmer's value to NFL teams runs high. He has the ability to know what to do on any given play, and then deliver in textbook proficiency. At least, most of the time.

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Limmer makes sense here because he reinforces the suddenly thin interior offensive lineman ranks that have a net attrition of two players in the offseason. Limmer does not need to be ready to start this year. He merely needs to be ready to step up in case of injury. He will deliver that ability if and when he is needed.

What I like most about Limmer here is the fact that he has an incredibly high football IQ that merely needs to have his techniques refined. That is something that OL Coach Ryan Wendell can address in training camp. The Rams have some quality backups looking to earn a roster spot in 2024. But there is always room for one more, and Beaux Limmer has that passionate approach to his craft that gets his name called out here.