Fixing Matthew Stafford's contract could be costly task for LA Rams

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams Matthew Stafford
NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams Matthew Stafford / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

Unless you have been out of the county, boycotted all news regarding the LA Rams, or have suffered without cable, internet, or network access for the past several months, you likely are fully aware of the NFL rumors that continue to become more frequent and concerning about starting quarterback Matthew Stafford. If you haven't been staying up to date on the matter, Stafford's contract does not guarantee his salary after 2024. Even though his contract extends through 2026, after this 2024 NFL season, his contract is readily severable.

Because Stafford is 36 years old, he is understandably seeking a bit more financial security from the LA Rams. The thing is, mums the word from both the team and the player, which means that there is no information regarding the negotiation position of either side, the level or lack of progress over bridging the gap of the current contract, or if the terms that are unacceptable to Stafford is limited to guaranteed money.

After all, a number of lesser-renowned quarterbacks are buried in tons of bucks right now. And at least one NFL expert believes that Matthew Stafford is the cream of the quarterback crop right now in terms of the NFC. Some believe that he is only second in the NFL to Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

So what is the going rate of NFL quarterback average annual value of their existing contract extensions right now? Let's take a look:

For the sake of comparison, Stafford's AAV of his contract hovers at just under $50 million per year for the next three NFL seasons. So, what happens if while the Rams and Stafford's representation are engaged in negotiating more acceptable terms, his agent demands more money? Well, the fair market value of quarterbacks is inflating rapidly right now. If the team is receptive to paying Matthew Stafford's FMV, the price of the Rams' existing contract for the next three years could jump by as much as $20 million.

I'm not the team's financial executive, but I do realize that more money in Stafford's pocket is less money in the pockets of his teammates. Right now, I'm not sure that is in the best interest of making the team more competitive in the futue.

On a more positive note, all reports coming out of OTAs, mini-camp, and training camp projects are all coming in without reservations or hiccups. Not only is Stafford participating, but he is working at his utmost to prepare for the 2024 NFL season.

By rights, the matter could be resolved by converting Stafford's 2025 salary to a signing bonus, which not only ensures that Stafford's salary is guaranteed but has the added benefit of spreading the funds over the remaining years left on his contract. The thing is, that solution is not an option until the start of the 2025 NFL season.

For now, we wait. But we needn't worry. The LA Rams are committed to Matthew Stafford. And due to his presence at OTAs and mini-camp so far, it's safe to conclude that Stafford is committed to the Rams football team. Now, it's just a waiting game.

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