Flushing out (il)logic behind Zach Wilson to Rams rumors. Does scenario hold water?

New York Jets, Zach Wilson
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Why won't the Jets consider a trade?

The investment of a first round pick is always one that is held up to the light with each passing season. As such, no team willingly admits to getting ripped off by sinking incredible value into a player who simply does not work out for one reason or another. Any trade of quarterback Zach Wilson by the Jets is a confession that the football organization made a huge mistake, and I am simply not convinced that anyone associated with the team is willing to admit that.

Perhaps more importantly, what motivation do the Jets have to entertain a trade of Wilson now? Even as Aaron Rodgers prepares to return from his Achilles Tendon injury, his full recovery to pre-injury form is by no means a certainty. Under those circumstances, it's difficult to accept that the Jets would entertain a trade offer in such a foggy future. After all, Wilson may not be an elite quarterback, but he is a known entity

Still, this phrasing suggests that it is the LA Rams that are the pursuers. If so, is the expectation that the Rams will make the Jets an offer that they simply cannot ignore?

Why will the Jets consider this trade?

The New York Jets have been a very patient team in an attempt to support Wilson's development. But the patience wore out in 2023, and the Jets pulled the trigger on a trade for Green Bay Packers' veteran quarterback Aaron Rodgers. It was merely a random coincidence that Rodgers was injured early in 2023, giving Wilson a new lease on life and a new opportunity to prove that he has what it takes. And yet, here we are, with speculation that the Jets will trade him.

From the Jets perspective, if Zach Wilson is not able to compete for a starting role (and I don't see that they have any evidence to believe that), then his $11+ million pricetag to serve as the team's backup quarterback is a pretty hefty price to pay. Far too much to pay in my opinion. When it was clear that QB Trey Lance was not working out for the San Francisco 49ers, they did not hesitate to trade him away to the Dallas Cowboys.

Wilson holds little value for the Jets as a backup. He has had plenty of live action, yet has seemingly plateaued already. Rumors of Wilson being traded have been picking up steam throughout the offseason, but even those reports agree that Wilson holds little value to any team interested in acquiring him.