Former Rams WR/TE Jacob Harris is back in the NFL

Los Angeles Rams Jacob Harris
Los Angeles Rams Jacob Harris / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

The LA Rams took a swing for the potential of ultra athletic wide receiver, or is he a tight end, no, he's a wide receiver Jacob Harris out of the University of Central Florida in the fourth round of the 2021 NFL Draft, with the 142nd overall pick that year. While it did not feel like a significant investment at that time, that 142nd pick is better than all but four picks made by the LA Rams in the 2023 NFL Draft.

Harris was an athletic phenomenon, a gifted 6-foot-5 211-pound receiver who was swift and tall, a rare combination that often leads to a successful NFL career. But Harris arrived very raw, and the LA Rams were in their NFL Apex Predator mode, The soon-to-be Super Bowl LVI winners did not have many options for a raw athlete to contribute. He tried to make an impact on special teams, but he was injured in his rookie season.

In 2022, Jacob Harris caught the only pass thrown his way for six yards and a first down. In his two seasons with the LA Rams, Harris competed in just 16 offensive snaps, and 246 special team snaps. While that may not be enough of a sample size to assess a player, it was enough evidence for the LA Rams to part ways with the young receiver. Due to his potential, the LA Rams spent a valuable pick to acquire him. But the failure of the Rams organization to convert that potential into production cost Jacob Harris his job with the team.

I'll be back . . .

There is never a shortage of opportunity for young gifted athlets in the NFL, and that holds true for Harris too. It appears that the up and coming Jacksonville Jaguars are going to give Jacob Harris a shot at making their roster.

A one-year deal sets up Harris to compete for a roster spot, nothing more and nothing less. But the truth is that he is no longer that 'raw rookie,' who ended up on the LA Rams roster in 2021, but rather is an NFL veteran of two years.

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He may not get many offensive snaps, but Harris has been with the Rams for two seasons, was exposed to both the tight end and wide receiver roles in the NFL, and has another chance to apply that incredible athleticism in a new offense. Did the LA Rams part ways with Harris too soon? Perhaps. But first impressions mean a great deal, and Harris struggled to create an NFL role with the Rams in his rookie season. Now he has the chance at a new first impression.