Game-by-game predictions for 2023 LA Rams schedule

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Game-by-Game predictions for 2022 Rams schedule release: Weeks 4 and 5

Week 4 - Sun. Oct. 1 @ 10:00 am - at Indianapolis Colts: The LA Rams face an opponent that is at parity with the same task at hand, trying to become relevant after a dismal 2022 season. They are a team to be reckoned with, in the future. But for the 2023 NFL season, I fear that the Colts will need to show a bit more patience. Rookie quarterback Anthony Richardson will need time. That will give starter to soon-be backup quarterback Gardner Minshew enough time to stir the pot of quarterback controversy in this one.

The Colts will improve steadily throughout the 2023 NFL season, but the LA Rams will too. I believe that the restocked LA Rams pass rush will make a huge impact on the outcome of this game. The Rams need a win, and they get one at Indianapolis, Indiana. Rams 27 Colts 21 WIN (1-3)

Week 5

Week 5 - Sun. Oct. 8 @ 1:05 pm - vs. Philadelphia Eagles: The Rams would love to test where they are against the defending NFC Champions, but the Philadelphia Eagles feel like a team that got stronger and the LA Rams clearly did not. The Eagles drafted with precision, committing just seven picks during the three-day event and adding two offensive depth players while adding five defensive players, four of whom could make an impact as early as their rookie season. The Rams will have many more rookies making an impact for them in this game, but that is born out of necessity, rather than the highly competitive situation of the Rams roster.

The Eagles are a matchup nightmare for the Rams' young defense, as they can pass all day, and run for miles, and their tenacity is such that they will run on passing downs and pass on running downs. Worse yet, this is the type of game that seems to strike Rams head coach Sean McVay in his pride, compelling him to pass when it is wiser and safer throughout a 17-game season to run more and risk veteran quarterback less. I am not confident that the Rams can and will resist the urge to go all-pass in this one. It could get ugly if they do. Eagles 41 Rams 21 LOSS (1-4)