Game-by-game predictions for 2023 LA Rams schedule

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Game-by-Game predictions for 2022 Rams schedule release: Weeks 8 and 9

Week 8 - Sun. Oct. 29 @ 10:00 am - at Dallas Cowboys: The Dallas Cowboys are one of those teams that are simply easy to hate. Perhaps it stems from the "America's Team," moniker that truly does not apply if it ever did. Perhaps it's that history of getting incredibly favorable treatment from NFL officiating? Perhaps it's that annual scheduling advantage of playing at home each season on Thanksgiving Day. Whatever the underlying reasons, it's just one of those games, alongside those played against the San Francisco 49ers, where a victory is just a tad sweeter.

Unfortunately, the Rams must face a very competitive NFC East on a down year, and that makes this contest a bit one-sided. I'm just not convinced that the LA Rams offensive line has the right starters playing in this one, nor am I convinced that the Rams will not become too pass-happy if the team falls behind in the scoreboard. The Cowboys have a pretty good defense that is susceptible to a balanced offense. That is not what the Rams will throw at them. Cowboys 31 Rams 13 LOSS (2-6)

Week 9

Week 9 - Sun. Nov. 5 @ 10:00 am - at Green Bay Packers: What is it about the NFL schedulers that insist on the LA Rams competing in Green Bay Wisconsin on an annual basis? Whatever the cause, the Rams must gird for vigorous competition at the home of cheese curds once more. This is a new Green Bay Packers, a team that must compete without long-time veteran quarterback Aaron Rodgers. The only question now is, can the depleted Rams defeat the depleted Packers?

In terms of quarterback play, the Packers will start third-year quarterback Justin Love, a player who was drafted by the Packers with the 26th overall pick in Round 1 of the 2020 NFL Draft. That means that the Packers will not be starting over. I'd love to see the Rams finally upset the Packers at Lambeau, but I just can't see it this season. Packers 30 Rams 21 LOSS (2-7)