Game-by-game predictions for 2023 LA Rams schedule

Los Angeles Rams Bobby Wagner
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Game-by-Game predictions for 2022 Rams schedule release: Weeks 10 -12

Week 10 BYE

The BYE week is well timed for the LA Rams, who could crawl into the BYE week with a record of 1-8. But even if that comes to pass, keep in mind that the Rams have a wonderful 2024 NFL Draft ahead, as well as a young team that is only going to improve as the season progresses.

Week 11

Week 11- Sun. Nov. 19 @ 1:25 pm - vs. Seattle Seahawks: I believe that the LA Rams will be an underdog at home against the Seattle Seahawks, but that this game will be very close, much closer than NFL pundits or prognosticators expect. After all, the Seahawks can play the other NFC West teams closely, but the LA Rams always seem to play them close. Now the question is, will the Rams be able to keep pace in 2023?

The Seahawks were expected to struggle in 2022, but the inspired play of long-time backup quarterback Geno Smith led the Seahawks to an unexpected 2022 NFL Playoff berth, thanks to a 9-8 record. But the Seahawks earned a much toughed 2023 NFL schedule as a reward, and they will also need to strike up a balance of starting inexperienced rookies with high upsides or experienced veterans who have plateaued. The Seahawks exceeded expectations in 2022, but I fear they will underwhelm in 2023. They will likely have enough gas in the tank to win at Los Angeles, but only by the skin of their teeth. Seahawks 28 Rams 27 LOSS (2-8)

Week 12

Week 12 - Sun. Nov. 26 @ 1:25 pm - at Arizona Cardinals: The LA Rams and the Arizona Cardinals were neck and neck in 2022. Unfortunately, they competed for a better draft position than the final record. The Rams finished at 5-12, and the Arizona Cardinals finished at 4-13. The two teams split their series in 2022, with both teams winning on the other team's home field. Now the Cardinals must try to reboot the team, so how well will that go? The Cardinals did a bit of razzle dazzle maneuvering in Round 1 that was certainly worth noting.

But even as both teams are familiar foes, I have to lean to the LA Rams in this contest. The Cardinals have the right matchup to win a game or two in the NFC West, but I don't see them matching up well enough to the LA Rams in this one. Matthew Stafford gets the protection he needs to surgically disassemble the Cardinals defense. And the Rams know how to make QB Kyler Murray uncomfortable. This is not all Rams, but it's a pretty win: Rams 30 Cardinals 17 WIN (3-8)