Game-by-game predictions for Los Angeles Rams' 2024 NFL Schedule

The Rams schedule is out. Now, how will they do?
Los Angeles Rams schedule
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The LA Rams certainly got off to a slow start in 2023, opening the season in the same fashion as the team ended the 2022 season, sluggish and uninspired. in 2022, the Rams fell to a 5-12 record, and appeared to be well on their way to repeating that in 2023 after getting off to a 3-6 start. But the Rams seemed to galvanize their intensity during their Week 10 BYE week.

It was that incredible transformation that reinforces just how powerful of an impact the NFL schedule can play on a team. Could the Rams have toughened up if the BYE occured in Week 5? Or would the Rams have had a sufficient number of games remaining on the schedule if they turned the season around after a Week 12 BYE? Of course, there are no winners when playing the what if? scenario games. But it does give you pause to ponder, doesn't it?

The LA Rams were rather balanced last season. The team played to a 5-3 record at home at SoFi Stadium, and was 5-4 away from home in 2023. But when the Rams faced a divisional opponent last year, they were all business in winning five of six games. In the NFC, the Rams posted an impressive 8-4 record. That left the Rams struggling against AFC opponents, only ending with a record of 2-3.

So how will the Rams fare this season? Let's dust off the crystal ball and see if we can do a bit better than last season's predictions, shall we?

Game-by-Game predictions for 2024 Rams schedule release: Week 1

Week 1 - 9/8 - LA Rams @ Detroit Lions (Sunday Night Football)

The Detroit Lions rallied for their first NFL Playoff victory in what seems like a century, and the Lions fanbase was unreasonably cruel to Kelly Stafford and the Stafford children in that hotly contested game. It just so happens that veteran quarterback Matthew Stafford put up an exceptional performance in the loss. How well did Stafford play? He completed 25 of 36 passes for 367 yards, two touchdowns, and no interceptions.

The thing is, that was just an appetizer to what the Detroit Lions should expect in 2024.
Let's face it. The LA Rams versus the Detroit Lions had a Hollywood movie script baked into it, and Matthew Stafford was happy to play the hometown hero-turned-villain to satisfy NFL fans and build excitement for that game. But fans need to know something about girl dads, especially a girl dad like Matthew Stafford: You don't win by trolling his daughters. All that does is set his mind to exact revenge the next time these teams meet. And this game is the next time these teams meet.

If there is such a thing as bulletin board motivation, you can bet this game is going to get one of the best efforts out of the Rams team all season. The Rams coaching staff and players love Matthew Stafford, and this game is personal. That is not just personal to Stafford but to the entire Ramily. Oh, there is also that matter of TE Tyler Higbee's ACL injury. There are many reasons to believe that the Rams will be fired up in this one.

Did I leave out the fact that LG Jonah Jackson would love nothing better than blowing open huge holes for RBs Kyren Willams and Blake Corum? The stars are aligning for the Rams to show up hugely for this one. The Lions had their fun in the 2024 NFL Playoffs and won by one point. Revenge is a dish best served cold. The temperature is dropping rapidly in Detroit, Michigan for this one.

Final Score:
LA Rams 30
Detroit Lions: 7