Game-by-game predictions for Los Angeles Rams' 2024 NFL Schedule

The Rams schedule is out. Now, how will they do?
Los Angeles Rams schedule
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Game-by-Game predictions for 2024 Rams schedule release: Weeks 2 and 3

Week 2 – 9/15 – LA Rams @ Arizona Cardinals

I witnessed the Arizona Cardinals making strides in the right direction in 2023, and they could improve from last season's 4-13 record to a 7-10 team, as they did seem to be upsetting good teams as the 2023 NFL season drew to a close. But the Rams, powered by the running skills of Kyren Williams, held the advantage against the Cardinals in both games in 2023, and the same outcome is likely this year.

The Rams' offense will resume its ground-and-pound attack against the Cardinals' defense in 2024 until they can stop them. The Cardinals will continue to struggle, as the Rams' offensive line has gotten better, particularly between the tackles. That means that the Rams' defense could get plenty of time on the sidelines as the offense controls the clocks, moves the chains, and grinds out some scores.

Will Cardinals QB Kyler Murray cook with WR Marvin Harrison Jr.? Perhaps. But that is a Sword of Diagnoses, as the more success that pair enjoys, the more likely their confidence crosses the line into overconfidence. The NFL loves to topple fast risers, and if Murray and Harrison are headlining the NFL, look for this underestimated defense to drop them a rung or two. I can see the Rams secondary creating multiple turnovers in this one if the Rams jump out to an early lead on the scoreboard.

Final Score:
LA Rams 27
Arizona Cardinals 17

Week 3 - 9/22 - San Francisco 49ers vs LA Rams

The LA Rams and the San Francisco 49ers are familiar foes, and the outcomes of recent games played in the regular season have leaned in favor of the 49ers more often than not. But the Rams junior varsity team pulled off an upset of the 49ers in Week 18 of the 2023 NFL season by defeating the 49ers team by a score of 21-20. That victory ended the 49ers winning streak over the Rams.
Now comes 2024.

The 49ers have a foundationally sound strategy, wrapped around a strong defense, a solid running game, and just enough passing attack to ensure a victory. But the 49ers' window of opportunity is closing, while the same window is reopening for the Rams. This game could come down to whichever team makes the fewest mistakes. I like the Rams' chances in that scenario, as the team has invested in defensive players whose specialty is forcing fumbles and picking off passes. That could play the deciding factor.

The Rams have re-engineered their roster with an eye on improving in areas that will aid them in beating the 49ers this season. The team's overall physicality has improved dramatically. The Rams offensive line is bigger, stronger, and meaner. The Rams have added a versatile and very productive running back. The Rams have added a huge target at tight end in Colby Parkinson.
Still, this is a game that pretty much tosses aside power rankings and records, as these contests have become a litmus test for whichever team wants it more.

At some point, the LA Rams versus the San Francisco 49ers contest will be a battle of field goal kickers: 49ers kicker Jake Moody versus Rams kicker Joshua Karty. While one year his junior, I can envision Karty kicking the game-winner through the uprights in overtime

Final Score:
San Francisco 49ers 14
LA Rams 17