Game-by-game predictions for Los Angeles Rams' 2024 NFL Schedule

The Rams schedule is out. Now, how will they do?
Los Angeles Rams schedule
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Game-by-Game predictions for 2024 Rams schedule release: Weeks 8 and 9

Week 8 – 10/24 – Minnesota Vikings vs. LA Rams (Thursday Night Football)

The LA Rams and the Minnesota Vikings are one more example of Rams HC Sean McVay matching wits with a former coordinator. In this case, former offensive coordinator Kevin O'Connell is the Viking head coach, and the two former comrades become adversaries in this contest. Such is life in the NFL. Just one more game, right?

Well, in a manner of speaking, sure. Why not? But this is the first time the Rams will face rookie quarterback J.J. McCarthy, and you better believe that the defense will do everything in its power to make this a regrettable experience.

You have to expect some growing pains for rookie quarterbacks. Unless you are C.J. Stroud arriving to a turnkey NFL team experience with the Houston Texans, that is. McCarthy has a solid team, but this is an offense that has become accustomed to the wily ways of veteran QB Kirk Cousins. McCarthy's collegiate experience in NCAA football has been primarily about fourth-quarter heroics, and less about doing the heavy lifting from kickoff to the final gun

The Rams may have a young defense but don't underestimate this group of young guns who are as passionate as they are productive. With a secondary that is beginning to gel and a defensive front that is learning to flex its pass-rushing muscles, they could make this a very long game for the Vikings' rookie QB.

Final Score:
Minnesota Vikings 15
LA Rams 28

Week 9 - 11/3 - LA Rams @ Seattle Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks are not the type of team that can easily convert 2023's success (9-8 record) into 2024 success. The reason? This is a team that is under new management, or to be exact, new HC Mike MacDonald, the former DC of the Baltimore Ravens. As such, MacDonald will be installing a new thumbprint on this team's roster and 2024 fortunes.

Sadly for Seattle Seahawks fans, transitioning from what was to what will be will take time. Along the way, the Seahawks will experience some turbulence. The LA Rams bring a particularly choppy segment of their 2024 journey.

The Rams and Seahawks are familiar foes. While that could change under Coach MacDonald, expecting him to better Coach McVay instantly is a bit much to ask of any head coach. After all, he has just taken over the reins of this team, and that means that the roster is a blend of his new roster specifications with the former coaching staff roster specs. That will limit how much improvement, or even philosophy, MacDonald can install with the team this year.

The Rams have no such limits. This is a team that is riding the wave of 2023 success into 2024, and enjoying the benefits of lessons learned along the way. The offense has a new balance and will leverage that indecision of whether the team will run or pass to keep the Seahawks' defense on their heels.

I like the Rams' aerial assault in this one. Even with the defensive-centric Coach MacDonald, his secondary will face the growing pains that facing the Rams' passing attack will bring. For a bonus, look for a former Seahawks tight end to have a huge game in this one.

Final Score:
LA Rams 28
Seattle Seahawks 17