Game-by-game predictions for Los Angeles Rams' 2024 NFL Schedule

The Rams schedule is out. Now, how will they do?
Los Angeles Rams schedule
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Game-by-Game predictions for 2024 Rams schedule release: Weeks 10 -11

Week 10 - 11/11 - Miami Dolphins vs LA Rams (Monday Night Football)

No team can reasonably expect to win every game, so the trick in these 'instant prediction' articles is to try to size up the most likely occasions and opponents and the timing of those inevitable losses. One such loss could come at the hands of the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins ended the 2023 NFL season with a record of 11-6, and there is no concrete evidence to expect the Dolphins to finish with a less successful record in 2023.

The Dolphins will enjoy a full season of All-Pro DB Jalen Ramsey, and they have added WR Odell Beckham Jr. to the offense to make a playoff run this season. The Dolphins focused on upgrading their pass rush in the 2024 NFL Draft and emerged with OLB Chop Robinson, a prospect who had piqued the interest of the Rams this offseason.

The Dolphins also added some rookie offensive weapons to add even more options for a very productive offense. That will make this offense even more dangerous in 2024.

This will be a difficult matchup for the Rams. Not only will the team enter the game knowing that this one could turn into a shootout, but the Dolphins will be psyched up to prove themselves as one of the top teams in the NFL. The Rams seldom get caught up in any jockeying for position, and as a result, will likely view this one as just one more game on the schedule.

I like the Rams ground assault to keep this one even in the first half. But the Dolphins offense is loaded, which will force the Rams to open their offensive playbook. One mistake can be costly in a game like this, and Stafford has been known to throw the occasional pick-six.

Final Score:
Miami Dolphins 35
LA Rams 21

Week 11 - 11/17 - LA Rams @ New England Patriots

While I like the New England Patriots' new HC Jerod Mayo, he will need a long runway to get his team, and rookie quarterback Drake Maye, off the ground in 2024. Mayo is a defensive-centric head coach, and that seems to be the trend nowadays. But he is taking over a team that has hit rock bottom, and as stated, will need plenty of time to turn the corner.

The price to compete in the NFL comes at a high price, and the Rams have no reason to let down their guard to a team that is rebuilding a roster from the ground floor. Mayo is a passionate motivational head coach who knows and loves the New England Patriots, but following a legendary head coach like Bill Belichick is a huge mountain to climb.

The Patriots did as much as any team could in the 2024 NFL Draft to start the rebuilding process. But it takes multiple years for a team built around a rookie quarterback to start to gain traction. That won't happen in time for the Patriots to have a fighting chance in this one.

On the Rams' side, the team hates traveling to the East Coast and traveling from one corner of the country to play three hours earlier at the other corner of the nation is not exactly an optimal scenario either. The Rams will lean on bully-ball in this one, grinding out the yards on the ground, and mixing in just enough pass plays to keep the Patriots' defense honest. I could see the Rams cutting RB Blake Corum loose in this one. Corum can put up 100+ yards and 2+ TDs against the Patriots. That is enough for the Rams to get the victory.

Final Score:
LA Rams 21
New England Patriots: 9