Game-by-game predictions for Los Angeles Rams' 2024 NFL Schedule

The Rams schedule is out. Now, how will they do?
Los Angeles Rams schedule
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Game-by-Game predictions for 2024 Rams schedule release: Weeks 14 -15

Week 14 - 12/8 - Buffalo Bills vs LA Rams

The Buffalo Bills and Dallas Cowboys are two NFL teams that seem to garner a lot of preseason hype, and then fall short of lofty expectations. In last year's playoffs, the Bills were stopped short by the Kansas City Chiefs. On a more localized front, the last time the Rams faced the Bills in 2022, the Rams were a bit embarrassed by the visiting team to the tune of 31-10. In that game, QB Matthew Stafford was sacked seven times. and he threw just one touchdown to three interceptions. It was a horrific start to a horrific season.

That was then, this is now.

The outcome will change because the two teams have changed dramatically, both in terms of players and overall direction. The Bills have suffered a very challenging offseason, riddled with releases of players to come in under the annual NFL salary cap. On the other hand, the LA Rams are rebounding with a roster bursting with young talent after having gone through a similarly painful offseason with similar demands.

The Bills are not the same playoff team from 2023. Nor is this the same team that demolished the Rams at SoFi Stadium in the 2022 NFL season opener. But the Rams remember that loss, and paybacks are long overdue.

Rams veteran QB Matthew Stafford has gotten a new lease on his NFL career, and that corresponds to the fact that the team continues to invest in an offensive line. With a formidable phalanx protecting him, Stafford's natural instincts can kick in, allowing him to slice and dice his way through the newly configured Bills' secondary. The Rams have a dangerous trio at wide receiver in Puka Nacua, Cooper Kupp, and Demarcus Robinson. Look for rookie WR Jordan Whittington to make several impressive plays in this one.

Final Score:
Buffalo Bills 14
LA Rams 29

Week 15 - 12/12 - LA Rams @ San Francisco 49ers (Thursday Night Football)

The LA Rams have finally gotten that losing streak monkey off their backs when facing their NFC West Divisional nemesis. But the 49ers are still one of the best teams in the NFL, and they are getting desperate with the window of opportunity closing on their chance to seize the bargain basement cost of starting QB Brock Purdy and pay for a championship roster.

Financial fatigue is starting to settle in on that 49ers roster. WR Brandon Aiyuk has not stayed silent about his interest in getting more money, lots more money. In response, the 49ers drafted WR Ricky Pearsall. While I love Pearsall's NFL potential, I don't recognize an immediate fit on this 49ers offense that has two established wide receivers in Aiyuk and Deebo Samuel. Factor in TE George Kittles and RB Christian McCaffrey, and there won't be many offensive opportunities for Pearsall in 2024.

One player who is a bit concerning in the 49ers offense is Louisville rookie RB Isaac Guerendo. I thought that he would do well in The Horns, and the 49ers rushing attack is custom-made for an indomitable rusher. In the past, the 49ers offense depended heavily upon the durability of McCaffrey. That may no longer be the case. After all is said and done, Guerendo may be an ideal understudy and may push for offensive snaps later in the season.

The Rams have closed the gap with the 49ers, but this is a division-rival game, and the two teams know each other all too well. I look for the Rams to flex some of that beefy offensive line and rushing attack against the 49ers with some success. But the Rams' defense needs to be intensely focused on stopping this rushing attack. I'd love to say otherwise, but the 49ers prevail in a closely contested game. Don't be surprised if this one needs overtime to decide.

Final Score:
LA Rams 21
San Francisco 49ers: 24