GM Les Snead: "(Rams) plan to onboard QB Stetson Bennett for offseason workouts"

Los Angeles Rams Stetson Bennett
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Football is the best thing that Bennett can do right now

The career track of quarterback Stetson Bennett is no easy endeavor. Standing 5-foot-11 and weighing 190 pounds, he knows that success in the NFL depends upon avoiding the pass rush. And for the most part, he succeeded at doing that throughout his college football playing days.

He is blessed with a quick release, an accelerated ability to read the football field though his progressions, the confidence to improvise if the play design fails immediately after the snap, and the speed to extend plays and even add rushing yards to keep the chains moving.

While he hasn't shared with the media in months, he had plenty to say after his first preseason game as the Rams quarterback. And his comments reveal a bit of his competitive spirit.

"“It was fun to finally get out there and honestly get hit. I am not going to win many of those, but it is good to feel like a football player again. It is fun to get out there and compete. It is the first NFL game you are playing in, and you are going to be a little nervous and try to make a play when sometimes plays aren't there. But then as it started to groove, we started calling plays and started to settle in."

Stetson Bennett

Football players do best when the play football. Getting back out onto the field and competing, regardless of any other circumstances, will help Bennett and the Rams put everything into perspective and behind them.

As of right now, I have no expectations of Bennett nor his chances to re-earn a place on this team. But I never lost faith in his competitive spirit. When the chips were down, and anyone with even an objective view about his chances to contribute to the Rams offense seemed to be few and far between, I was more than happy to lobby on his behalf. I've known many persons in the course of my life, and when the chips are down, those persons reveal the best sides of themselves.

What can Bennett fear now? Disapproval? Uncertainty? He's already experienced that and is still standing. No matter how else you define champions, one thing is true. Champions are not players who never fall. Champions are players who get up more times than they have fallen.

Many have written off Stetson Bennett already. But the jury remains out for me. With any luck and a lot of effort, he will be the player we hoped he would become when drafted in 2023.

He remains a player for the LA Rams. As long as that is the case, I will cheer him on.