Grade the Trade: Reviewing 7 hottest current LA Rams rumors and trade scenarios

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VII - Clutch Sports: Aaron Donald to the Las Vegas Raiders

Clutch Sports Enzo Flojo has been a busy person by typing out an Aaron Donald trade destinations piece. The only problem is, from the presumptions listed to set the stage for the article, he has gotten a lot of key points about the LA Rams completely wrong. From there, he then created five scenarios that seem more like a young child's Christmas wish list than based on anything remotely close to compelling reasons for trade activity. Why do I say this?

". . . an aging roster and limited draft capital . . . :" simply does not apply to the LA Rams, a team with 40+ rookies and an entire complement of 2024 NFL Draft picks. Talk about tired and lazy reporting? Sheesh.

Why Rams would try this?

No reason is offered. Blind monkey, dart board? The argument for this premise is based on a belief that the Las Vegas Raiders SHOULD be willing to part with draft picks to acquire Aaron Donald. Oh, and the fact that the Raiders are believed to have been linked to Aaron Donald in the past. Huh? When did that happen? With no compelling reason for the LA Rams to make this trade, I gotta toss the BS flag on this one.

Why Rams wouldn't try this?

The NFL is not a Madden video game, where trades happen . . . just . . . because. The LA Rams would need to have an incredibly compelling reason to consider trading Aaron Donald. This Clutch Sports piece treats the need to justify why the Rams would do this like a homework assignment that the dog ate. No justification to do it? Easy enough to assess. The Rams do not even take the call

Grade the Trade: F-

C'mon. Seriously? A trade scenario that reads more like 'name five NFL teams that are not the LA Rams,' is really not going to get more than a complete failure. How do you grade this scenario?