Grade the Trade: Reviewing 7 hottest current LA Rams rumors and trade scenarios

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V - Clutch Sports: Aaron Donald to the New York Giants

Okay, another pair from Clutch Sports, and while I cannot promise a more realistic NFL Trade scenario, at least the philosophy arguments will change a bit. But before we jump ahead to find more disappointment, we still have this trade scenario to ponder and shake our heads as we try to sort it all out.

In this trade scenario, the author states that the defensive end position is still a huge need for the Giants. Oh really? The same Giants team that is spending $53.6 million on their defensive line is eager to take on another $13 million at the position. I am sorry, but that really makes no sense to me.

Why Rams would try this?

I have been asking myself this same question with each of these Clutch Sports trade scenarios and each time I arrive at the same conclusion. Why do mountain climbers try to ascend Mount Everest? Because they can. Only, in this third scenario, they can't. If Aaron Donald suddenly demanded to be traded to the New York Giants, it would be simpler just to let him sit on the bench. Do the Rams truly need to shed Aaron Donald's salary? If yes, then why wait?

Why Rams wouldn't try this?

There is no combination of compensation that would make it worth the Giants' effort to try to acquire Aaron Donald from the LA Rams roster, while also giving the Rams enough compensation to expose their payroll to a massive charge of dead cap money. The Rams took on as many salary cap hits in 2023 as fiscally possible. There is no more coin to spare.

Grade the Trade: F

I don't intend to sound holier-than-thou in these trade scenarios. And I regret if the guy invested a significant amount of time into the article that I now appear to be ripping to shreds. But the dollars don't add up, there is no compensation, and the best argument is 'they ought to try,' which is akin to shrugging one's shoulders. Of course, DL A'Shawn Robinson signed with the Giants. So I won't give this one an F-. At least, not quite yet. How do you grade this scenario?