Grade the Trade: Reviewing 7 hottest current LA Rams rumors and trade scenarios

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IV - Clutch Sports: Aaron Donald to the Philadelphia Eagles

Okay, the final Clutch Sports trace scenario somehow suggests that Aaron Donald will be traded to the Philadelphia Eagles. Huh? This is the same Eagles roster that has already committed $42.4 million to their defensive line, so what is another $13 million? Am I missing something here?

I think the part that is a bit bewildering with all four listed 'trade scenarios,' from Clutch Sports is that they hardly qualify as brainstorming ideas. It's almost like somebody in the room asked a question: Which NFL might be interested in trading for LA Rams DL Aaron Donald, and what followed was a list of NFL teams that never were vetted for reasonableness or any vestige of logic.

Why Rams would try this?

Because the author said so? Because that is what the Ouija Board recommends? The LA Rams have no incentive to do so. While trading Aaron Donald does offer some form of salary cap relief to the Rams, at what cost? Do the Rams really get a premium package of picks for trading elite players at the NFL Trade Deadline? Do the Rams, a team that has used draft picks like pocket change in the past, suddenly start amassing a war chest of picks going forward?

Why Rams wouldn't try this?

There is a lot of respect for Aaron Donald throughout the entire LA Rams organization. That means that even if the Rams were spiralling out of control, the Rams would only give the nod to trading Donald if he approved the idea of being traded, or even outright asked the team to do so. The Philadelphia Eagles are in Pennsylvania, so Aaron Donald would be within driving distance to visit his hometown.

Grade the Trade: D-

The lack of details, the lack of motivation by either team, the lack of pretty much anything that makes this even close to a realistic scenario is not present. But, this stuff is wearing me down. How do you grade this scenario?