Grading the Rams' first seven (re-)signings in 2024 free agency

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Rams sign IOL Jonah Jackson

Believe it or not, rookie IOL Jonah Jackson started all 16 games in 2020 for the Detroit Lions, the last season that QB Matthew Stafford would call Detroit, Michigan home. The following season, offensive lineman Jacob Jackson was honored with a Pro Bowl selection. But over the past two seasons, nagging minor injuries have forced Jackson to miss some games. He missed four games in 2022, and five games in 2023.

In 2024, he became a free agent, one that the LA Rams were more than happy to sign.

Jackson is an NFL left guard who is tremendously effective. Kevin Dotson is an NFL right guard, who is equally effective. So what happens to rookie IOL Steve Avila? Well, as suspected weeks ago, he will almost certainly move to assume the starting center role for the Rams in 2024. So what does that look like?

Imagine a herd of angry rhinosceri bearing down on you:

The Rams have nearly half a ton of angry and vicious offensive linemen between the tackles. While nothing 'known' about the 2024 NFL season, I believe that it's a safe bet to view the team's offensive line as pushing hard to be among the Top-5 offensive lines in 2024.

There is always a question of a player returning to peak performance after injury. Complicating the matter is how well with Jonah Jackson flourish with the LA Rams culture. But he reunites with his former QB, and he fits what the Rams are trying to do now.

Our Grade: A-

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