Here are 3 LA Rams options to fill Bobby Wagner's spot

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Option III: Jake Gervase

While he is technically a free agent in 2023, an Exclusive Rights Free Agent (ERFA), you can factor ILB/DB hybrid Jake Gervase into the discussion for a larger role in 2023. Standing 6-foot-1 and weighing 212 pounds, Gervase is big enough to be in the heavy traffic area behind the LA Rams 3-4 defensive front. In fact, the Rams leveraged his pass coverage skills by cross-training him to play at the inside linebacker position. At the time, the sense was that the team was short at the ILB position. But Gervase's tremendous athleticism made that all possible.

The LA Rams found some success in running a nickel package, swapping out the second linebacker role, and inserting a defensive back who flourished in the box like Nick Scott or Taylor Rapp. But along the way, the team cross-trained safety Jake Gervase as an inside linebacker. Now, that investment may pay off as the Rams could roll Gervase in next to Ernest Jones on passing downs. That could pay off in much stronger pass coverage on crossing routes.

Of course, going from next to nothing to a player who gets 700-800 defensive snaps out of the gate may be a stretch. But Gervase is a strong prospect who I have awaited getting a larger role in the Rams' defense. This could be the moment that happens. Gervase played exclusively special teams for the Rams in 2022. Perhaps he gets a chance to play defense in 2023?

Gervase is a viable option if the Rams want to attack those crossing routes a bit more aggressively. While the Rams may be giving up a bit of run-stuffing by playing Jake Gervase as an inside linebacker, the trade-off is worth it if the team improves pass defense by a greater factor. And the Rams can be selective over playing Gervase, specifically when the down and distance scream 'pass play.' But it's our first option, and we have two more to cover.