Here are 3 LA Rams options to fill Bobby Wagner's spot

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Option II: Christian Rozeboom

If seniority counts, then the LA Rams will surely give a long hard lock to promoting ILB Christian Rozeboom to a starting role alongside Ernest Jones. Rozeboom was signed by the LA Rams from South Dakota State University after the 2020 NFL Draft. Standing 6-foot-2 and weighing 230 pounds, he is a taller but more powerful enforcer for the LA Rams, in theory. So far, he also has been nearly exclusively on special teams. He had just seven defensive snaps in 2022.

The Rams have generally added raw but athletic linebackers to the roster, and carry several on their practice squad. Rozeboom opted to sign with the Kansas City Chiefs in 2021, but he was eventually cut and re-signed by the LA Rams. At the time, I envisioned a solid pairing of Ernest Jones alongside Christian Rozeboom as the two starting ILBs for the Rams. That never transpired in 2021. But could it happen in 2023?

The pair feels well suited in several ways. For starters, both are listed at 6-foot-2 and 230 pounds, so they cannot be attacked differently by opposing offenses. Jones is the more physical presence, laying the type of tackles that opposing ball carriers feel well after the fact. Rozeboom is the rangy guy, the linebacker who can cover sideline to sideline. I may be wrong about their chemistry, but I hope I'm not. I think they could play very well lined up side by side.

The only way to determine if these two have any chemistry or synergy is to line them up on the football field and give them a chance at defending. A risk? Perhaps. But I'd rather that the LA Rams knows what these two are capable of then simply guessing at it. Even if that means a quarter of preseason work, I believe that the risk is warranted. But we'll have to wait and see if that holds true.