Here are the coaches who the LA Rams cannot afford to lose after 2023

Los Angeles Rams, Mike LaFleur
Los Angeles Rams, Mike LaFleur / Steph Chambers/GettyImages
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It's pretty clear that the LA Rams team has outperformed the expectations of any but the most optimistic Rams fans. But let's park those expectations to the side for just a moment. After a 5-12 season, the Rams' 2023 NFL season was destined to be a success if the team improved their win column by 40 percent. That means that the Rams would be very much improved if the team had won just seven games this year.

After 15 games, the Rams are 8-7, and could improve all the way to 10-7 by the end of the season. Whether or not these LA Rams earn a playoff berth, we have to be willing to give this team, and all of the young players who showed up in such a big way, full credit for this turn around.

The Rams resurgence is no accident. Regardless of how the LA Rams organization strayed from a winning formula of developing high-quality players from modest beginnings, the 2022 NFL season appeared ot be the result of failing to do so. This year, the Rams refocused on getting back to that method of stockpiling talented players for future success in 2023.

To do that, the Rams had to start by enhancing the ability of the entire coaching staff to communicate, educate, and optimize the talents of young NFL prospects, and forge them into competent NFL players. The Rams were so enthusiastic about returning to their roots that the team nealy bit off more than the coaching staff could handle with nearly two-thirds of the training camp roster comprised of rookies and second-year players.

The LA Rams got by with the help of some very talented NFL coaches. So which of the Rams coaches can this team not afford to lose in 2024? Here are our five top Rams coaches who the team simply cannot afford to lose in 2024.

I had thought to add other names to the list. Rams WR Coach Eric Yarber has 11 amazing years with the team. By all rights, he has been a master craftsman on the Rams coaching staff who ensures that wide receivers not only know how to catch the football, but how to block and run as well. And yet, if he was open to signing with another NFL team, he would likely have done so by now. Special Teams Coordinator Chase Blackburn had to restock the LA Rams special teams roster completely, and was given almost no help from the front office to do so. Still, the Rams special teams have not been impressive in 2023, even with modest expectations.

So who can't the Rams afford to lose in 2024? Here are our five top coaches: