Here are the coaches who the LA Rams cannot afford to lose after 2023

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Running on empty

RB Coach Ron Gould has been an incredible addition to the coaching staff for the Rams running game. While he could not salvage the Rams' relationship with former running back Cam Akers, he has certainly proven to be an incredible addition to the Rams' coaching staff. He has a long and accomplished career of coaching running backs to their optimal performance. Unlike many coaches, he is content with being the best RB coach around.

The Rams needed to hire a veteran RB coach because that positional coach became a hotspot on the Rams coaching staff in 2022. Not only did the Rams need a coach whose reputation was impeccable, but the Rams needed to hire a coach who was an accomplished communicator, but one who held a high standard for his players.

Coach Ron Gould not only checked all of the boxes, he added a host of qualities that the Rams did not even realize were needed to fill the vacant role.

When the Rams lost both RBs Kyren Williams and Ronnie Rivers to injury, he did not panic. Rather, he calmly promoted veteran RB Royce Freeman and rookie RB Zach Evans and directed the team to re-sign former RB Darrell Henderson Jr., while adding RB Myles Gaskin.

The Rams were able to weather the storm, getting optimal performances out of Henderson and Freeman. But the true power of Gould's coaching prowess was demonstrated after Kyren Williams returned to the football field. The Rams have not had a rusher top 1,000 yards in a single season since star RB Todd Gurley did so in 2018. RB Kyren Williams has done so this season, despite missing four games and with two games to go on the schedule.