Here are the coaches who the LA Rams cannot afford to lose after 2023

Los Angeles Rams, Mike LaFleur
Los Angeles Rams, Mike LaFleur / Steph Chambers/GettyImages
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A secondary that exceeds expectations

When the LA Rams were able to re-sign DB Coach Aubrey Pleasant, the outlook for the Rams secondary was not very optimistic. The Rams defensive backs struggled in 2022. Even worse, the Rams traded away All-Pro defensive back Jalen Ramsey. Pleasant had a number of second year players to work with, and only one rookie.

Pleasant is the first DB coach who seems to be able to amplify what DC Raheem Morris needs from the secondary. When it comes to defensive backs, the LA Rams are spending just $10.1 million, which is the 31st least out of 32 teams in the NFL (per That is less than one-third spent by some NFL teams. And yet, the Rams are beating expectations this season. Imagine just how effective the Rams' secondary would be with a significant investment.

Let's get physical

When the Rams opted to sign OL Coach Ryan Wendall, many fans were uncertain of what to expect. But after a rather impressive uptick on the Rams offensive line performance, a year in which quarterback sacks are way down and rushing yards are way up, I think many fans are delighted in his hire.

The addition of Wendall has translated into bigger and more physical offensive linemen, a welcome change for Rams fans who wanted the team to return to a balanced offense with more 'oomph,' a the line of scrimmage. The Rams offense has been a pleasant surprise in 2023, thanks is no small part to a revamped offensive line.