Here are the coaches who the LA Rams cannot afford to lose after 2023

Los Angeles Rams, Mike LaFleur
Los Angeles Rams, Mike LaFleur / Steph Chambers/GettyImages
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The underestimated addition

I believe that the addition of OC Mike LaFleur to the Rams coaching staff may be one of the more unestimated additions to the team in some time. Rather than add a yes man to the offensive staff, LaFleur was brought up through the ranks of San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan, and as a result has a far more refined respect and play designs for running the football.

LaFleur fingerprints are all over the Rams renewed ability to run with the football. It's also clear that LaFleur's hire inspired the Rams to upgrade to RB Coach Ron Gould and OL Coach Ryan Wendall. If the new offensive positional coaches are the Rams sub-contractors, then OC Mike LaFleur is the general contractor.

The thing is, many of the Rams best offensive improvements have come later in the season. The Rams need to keep progress advancing by ensuring that OC Mike LaFleur returns to the Rams offense in 2024.

There were many questions about the Rams hire of an offensive coordinator who had only filled the role for two seasons with a team, the New York Jets, that was not exactly known for a good offense or for putting plenty of points on the scoreboard.

But Coach McVay already knew how to do that. What Coach McVay needed was an offensive coordinator who could balance McVay's knowledge of the passing game with an equally vast understanding of the running game. Coach LaFleur certainly possessed that knowledge, and has brought some intriguing twists and changes to the Rams offense as a result.