Here are the coaches who the LA Rams cannot afford to lose after 2023

Los Angeles Rams, Mike LaFleur
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#DAWGWORK incorporated

Whether or not you are an LA Rams fan, or an NFL fan for that matter, Rams DL Coach Eric Henderson is someone you should know. He is not just an inspiring defensive line positional coach for the Rams defensive linemen. He is more than just the Rams run game defensive coordinator. He possesses the life-changing mindset that benefits anyone and everyone who hears him as a motivational speaker.

His need to communicate his message about focusing on the most important matters to a football player, and to people in general, originated the message of #DAWGWORK. That is his mantra, which stands for: Discipline, Attitude, Work ethic, and Grit. In the end, it's a fascinating philosophy, which embodies all of the necessities of a blue-collar work ethic to enable even the youngest and most naive to embrace the qualities that lead to success.

Coach Henny is so persuasive, that even DC Raheem Morris has fully embraced his mantra.

Young rookies who arrive in the NFL are extremely motivated to succeed. Whether drafted with the first overall pick or never drafted, rookies arrive starving for the keys to succeed. Their dreams of becoming an NFL player only get them so far. Coach Henny's #DAWGWORK carries them the rest of the way.

That is not to say that Coach Henderson is a miracle worker. Like a man who leads a horse to water, he can only offer the path to his players. In the end, they must undertake the journey to embrace the hard work and grind that is needed to become a high-caliber NFL player. As All-Pro defensive lineman Aaron Donald says, "Hard work works." Coach Henderson knows that not everyone will make it in the NFL. Only those who accept the climb to the top of the mountain ever get to see what lies on the other side.

The LA Rams have already improved in 2023, and could earn a berth in the NFL Playoffs. But it was not simply a matter of showing up and good things automatically happened. The LA Rams had to do a lot of hard work to lay down the right type of foundation for future success.