Here's what the LA Rams are doing differently to win games now

Cleveland Browns v Los Angeles Rams, Sean McVay
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Since the Week 10 BYE, the LA Rams are on a hot streak. The Rams were a dismal 3-6 before the BYE, and have won three consecutive games after the BYE. So the obvious question that forms in everyone's mind is: How is that possible? How can the LA Rams, a team that could not win back-to-back games before the BYE, suddenly spring to life and win three consecutive games?

Let's rewind the LA Rams season and talk about the strategy that the entire Rams organization adopted for the 2023 NFL season. Out of money, out of viable options, the Rams essentially power-cycled the team to clear sufficient salary cap space to allow the Rams to shop the 2024 NFL Free Agency market without the deflating knowledge of insufficient funds.

But the goal of saving for tomorrow meant that the Rams had to run a stringent, almost miserly budget, in 2023. To do that, the Rams had to part ways with expensive players and retool the Rams roster around rookies and team-friendly contracts for veterans. We highlighted three notable veterans who have contributed positively to the team this year far beyond their compensation level.

Rams rookies have truly stepped up this year

But the Rams' 2023 season would be a wash-rinse-repeat of the 2022 NFL season without the outstanding 2023 draft class. The Rams have already found six starters in 2023 rookies, and that number could increase as more rookies gain experience and opportunities. While the likelihood of additional starters from the rookie class of 2023 is unlikely this season, the future of the Rams in 2024 is looking brighter all the time.

Football is a complex outcome of a variety of inputs and factors. Not the least of which is healthy players. So there is that. But there are other factors to this team's resiliency. Let's briefly name some of the contributors that will not be addressed specifically in this article.

For starters, it starts with the Rams reconfiguration of the coaching staff. The Rams made deliberate hires in the off-season, not just for how those coaches train veterans and prepare them to play. The Rams coaching staff is bursting with coaches who make it a point to optimize the performance of every player they touch. The Rams are getting the most of of this team, because the Rams have the right coaches in place to place those players into a position to succeed.

There is no Kobie Turner in 2023 without the outstanding coaching of Coach Eric Henderson. There is no complete package of Kyren Williams in 2023 without the outstanding coaching of Coach Ron Gould. Buit is that the answer? That answer is partially correct. But it still does not answer the question of how the Rams are putting everything together now.

Well, we have the answer for you, and you may not believe it at first. But I'm telling you that it's all about the LA Rams' defense and the Rams offense. Every bit of it. Now, here is my proof.

3 reasons why LA Rams are winning games after a Week 10 BYE

  1. Rams offense
  2. Rams defense
  3. Rams turnovers