How Blake Corum creates options for Rams offense to deploy 2 RBs simultaneously

Blake Corum and Kyren Williams on the football field at the same time? Here's how and why the LA Rams could create a new chapter in their offensive playbook.
Los Angeles Rams Minicamp, Blake Corum, Jordan Whittington
Los Angeles Rams Minicamp, Blake Corum, Jordan Whittington / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages
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Blake Corum can be a 3-down back if needed

When examining his college achievements, it's tough to see beyond the mastery of former Michigan running back Blake Corum at running the football. This 5-foot-8 210-pound wrecking ball put up some incredible yards on the ground for the Wolverines offense in his last two years of college football. After all, it was Corum's proficiency at running the football that limited the offenses needs to make use of QB J.J. McCarthy's throwing arm.

In his final two years in the NCAA, Corum rushed 505 times for 2,708 yards, and 45 touchdowns. His final two years are better than many drafted running backs grind out in four or five years in college. So it's easy to see why that level of ground gaining production can be so mesmerizing that all other contributions are ignored.

While the Wolverines did not throw his way often, Corum was also a sensational sure-handed receiver. In his college football days, he caught 56 passes thrown his way for 411 yards and three more touchdowns.

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The thing is, just because the Wolverines did not task Corum with catching many passes does not mean that he cannot do so. That is where the discerning eye of the scouting department earn their salary. It's up to the scouts, and personnel executives, to glean what a player did in college, and translate into what a player can do in professional football.