How can the 2023 LA Rams offense become dangerous once more?

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Trust the top performances of the Rams season

The LA Rams have won three games this season. So what about those three victories are common elements? Well, let's take a look at some factors that occured in each win:

Rams ran the football in all three wins. In fact, the Rams averaged 34.6 rushes per game in three wins for 145.0 yards per game. That works out to an average of 4.2 yards per run, and is certainly effective enough to move the chains and rack up the minutes on the game clock

Rams ran between the tackles in all three victories. In the three wins, the LA Rams rushed:


LE Atts/Yds

LT Atts/Yds

LG Atts/Yds

C Atts/Yds

RG Atts/Yds

RT Atts/Yds

RE Atts/Yds

Week 1








Week 4








Week 6








Rams Week 1, Week 4, and Week 6 data supplied by

Evam as the Rams occasionally hit a huge run by attacking the ends, the bread and butter of the Rams rushing attack has been between the tackles this season. That is due to the fact that the Rams interior offensive line of LG Steve Avila, C Coleman Shelton, and now RG Kevin Dotson are quite effective at blocking both at the line of scrimmage and blocking downfield as the play progresses.

Rams passed far more effectively in the shotgun formation. The Rams gained 301 yards out of 426 yards from the shotgun in Week 1, 276 yards out of 467 yards from the shotgun in Week 4, and 207 out of 382 yards from the shotgun in Week 6. That makes sense, as that formation allows Stafford to get a better view of the football field and places more distance between himself and the pass rush on any give play.

Rams passed for more consistently with deep right routes. The Rams offense put up seven of 12 passes for 220 yards over three games by targeting deep right routes. While the Rams put up 21 for 27 passes for 232 yards on short middle routes, the Rams ranged anywhere from 113 yards against the Seattle Seahawks in Week 1 to just 32 yards against the Arizona Cardinals in Week 6


Sh Right

D Right

Sh Middle

D Middle

Sh Left

D Left

Week 1

4/8 61 yards

2/5 65 yards

11/14 113 yds

1/3 21 yards

5/6 39 yards

1/4 30 yards

Week 4

10/16 63 yds

3/5 76 yards

6/7 87 yards

1/1 26 yards

7/15 59 yds

2/4 52 yards

Week 6

5/8 44 yards

2/2 79 yards

4/6 32 yards

0/1 0 yards

3/5 50 yards

1/1 21 yards

So how do we break this all down?

The LA Rams have plenty of options to harness for Week 11. The key for the Rams seems to be a willingness to remain diverse in play calling, and not fixate on one specific play or one particular player. Can the Rams do so in Week 11?

I think that the Rams can do so. This is a team that must realize that strategy must be changed to place this young Rams roster into a position to win. We have shown what the Rams have done to win in the past. Now the Rams must show that they can win in Week 11.