How does the Raiders - Josh Jacobs controversy in 2023 help the LA Rams in the future?

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Raiders Josh Jacobs taking a stand

While other NFL teams have followed suit in compensating featured running back with less lucrative offers compared to other positional groups in the NFL, not all teams have been willing to do so. The Carolina Panthers re-signed RB Christian McCaffrey to a four-year $64 million contract in 2020. While that seemed to revitalize the RB market, the contract seemed to jinx McCaffrey in 2021. That eventually led to the Panthers restructuring McCaffrey's contract in 2022 and ultimately compelled the Panthers to trade the expensive running back to the San Francisco 49ers.

Meanwhile, Las Vegas Raiders running back Josh Jacobs witnessed everything, and is troubled by the current NFL trend. He is so upset, in fact, that he is willing to make a stand to change the pattern, even to the potential detriment to his own career. This benchmark resistance by Jacobs is intended not only to change his own earnings-potential over the course of his NFL career.

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Jacobs won't sign no stinkin' franchise tag

Check out the Tweet below, and we'll discuss what this all means:

Per Pro Football Talk NBC Sports NFL Insider, Josh Jacobs is taking a high-risk strategy to force an issue that could backfire horribly if the Raiders do not want to negotiate in good faith with Jacobs.

The problem right now is the fact that the Raiders have applied the franchise tag to hold Josh Jacobs on the Las Vegas Raiders for one-more season, at a cost of $10.1 million guaranteed for one year's worth of work. If Jacobs does not sign his franchise tag deal, Jacobs could force the Raiders to up the ante. On the other hand, the Raiders may not be in a position to compete in the NFL Playoffs this year, even with Jacobs on the roster.

So the question becomes, could this, should this, impact the LA Rams future with RB Cam Akers?